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Yoga Classes Open Now

Pitter Patter is proud to present Yoga classes in association with Amishi Desai

She has been teaching yoga since 2001 to individuals, groups as well as corporates. She is an expert in Restorative yoga.

This is a gentle yoga practice designed to calm the nervous system and create overall health in the body. It is a regenerative practice that reduces stress by supporting the body's innate ability to heal itself and altering the minds responses to various stressors. A lot of importance is placed on Pranayama ( breathing exercises) and going deeper into simple postures to get the best benefits. Restorative yoga relaxes, rejuvenates and invigorates!

Corporate yoga sessions aim at helping with stress management and work posture related problems.Some of the corporates that she has conducted sessions for are Northern Trust, HP, Target, Reliance Capital, GE, Siemens, SunGard, Trgyn Technologies, Stylus Systems and NDS.

She also takes personal therapeutic yoga sessions (for various ailments)

She conducts special sessions of Yoga for the face. These help to tighten sagging skin, sculpt the contours of the face and restore a radiant, youthful and glowing look.

She also takes yoga sessions for children with learning disabilities.

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  • Art & Craft Pitter Patter Preschool
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