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Pitter Patter Preschool

Pitter Patter Preschool was established in the year 2005, in a child friendly, well organised and stimulating environment that attends to the physical and emotional needs of each child. We have a team of qualified teachers and caretakers who have a passion for children and are appropriately trained and educated in the field of child development, classroom management, first aid and emergency management. The curriculum is designed to form a strong foundation to ensure each child is prepared for the next level of higher schooling irrespective of the methodology or government standards. Pitter Patter provides a learning environment that combines maximum opportunity for play and is therefore best suited for child growth and development of children between the ages of 1.8 years and 5 years. Our environment encourages and stimulates the children by providing them exciting experiences with objects and by enabling them to indulge in activities which appeal to their basic playful nature. This allows the child to be actively involved and in the process, learn, practice, evaluate and develop self confidence and motivation to achieve. This develops the major domains of growth - physical, language, emotional, aesthetic and sensory skills.

Letter from the Coordinator

Welcome to Pitter Patter Preschool

This is your child's first step into real world and I know how anxious you must be as a parent.
Rest Assured
Here your child will learn to make a smooth emotional transition from home to school. Our objective are simple and really set out as first, educators after:
  1. We offer a secure environment - one that will nurture your child's intellectual and emotional growth.
  2. That your child should develop as a confident and idependent learner who will imbibe real values.
I believe that by making a commitment for the growth and development of each child, a fair and just community - and eventually society will evolve
We are very enthusiastic about the sucess of Pitter Patter with a loving and caring team, that's passionate about children. I invited you to visit our purpose designed facilities and see first hand how your child can blossom. Remember he or she is really 'never away from home' at Pitter Patter.
Chief Coordinator
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