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Indoor Activites

Indoor Activities are done with the children which are interesting and help in their overall development. They are simple and fun activities like puzzles, art and craft, making music, book reading and show and tell.

Outdoor Activites

Pitter Patter is proud to have a huge outdoor play area where children are given ample time to be outdoor, feel nature, listen to the different sounds of leaves moving and birds chirping. Fresh air and healthy exercise have no alternatives!


Preparing for festivals is great fun! It can teach children about cultures other than their own. Children come dressed up, decorate their school, listen to stories, share goodies and dance heartily.

Special Days & Occasions

These are days when our children exhibit their sportsmanship, confidence, happiness and appreciation. Most of all, these are occasions to share and thank! Parents are invited to take part on these special occasions.



Singing & Music

Children are encouraged to participate in both group and solo songs and rhymes; to identify the sounds of various musical instruments and learn via the media of song and enactment.


Language & Literacy

Learning self expression, listening to others, responding to stories, recognizing letters, reading and understanding pictorial books and writing their own names are areas that will be given great importance.


Field Trips

Practical exposure helps children learn and understand concepts taught at school better. Pitter Patter gives children an opportunity to learn by seeing , feeling and doing, The children are taken to a vegetable mart, pet shop, post office, aquarium, nature walks etc... These Field trips are planned keeping in mind the theme, syllabus requirement and age of the child.




It is important that this subject be introduced in an easy and fun manner. Children will be taught simple concepts relating to shapes, sizes, comparision and quantities. They will also learn number sequences through the fun mediums of songs, games & books.



Children are usually fascinated with life around them. Knowledge aids fascination and here they will learn about animate and inanimate objects and how to make simple scientific observations and discoveries.


Social Development

Children will be taught simple but important every day issues such as tying their laces, table manners and basic etiquette using simple words such as ’Thank you’ and ‘Sorry’ etc...



One of the best expressions of creativity, the children will have complete liberty for expressing themselves . There will be a variety of mediums – both traditional such as paint and crayons, as well as the unusual - such as learning to create with discarded materials. All with the intention of getting them to express ideas and feelings in a manner that is more process rather than product oriented.


Motor Development Activities

Perhaps an activity that children love best – play. They will be encouraged to develop fine motor skills with fun activities such as clay modelling and solving simple puzzles. There will also be plenty of outdoor games and play in Pitter Patter’s beautiful, shaded little campus.

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